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All adults are now eligible to receive the vaccine. Appointments can be scheduled through local health deparments and participating pharmacies, and walk-in appointments are also available at the county's AB Tech Clinics.

For patients in Buncombe County who are homebound and want to be vaccinated with the Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson vaccines, they or their caregivers can call 828-419-0095 to be put on the county's homebound vaccination list for an in-home appointment. Their caregivers also can be added to the list to be vaccinated at the same time.

We currently do not have the vaccine at our office.

For more information about the vaccine, visit the NCDHHS COVID page at:

Health Departments
Buncombe County
Phone: 828-250-5000

Haywood County
Phone: 828-356-2019 Henderson County

Madison County
Phone: 828-649-0755

Visit to find local pharmacies currently scheduling appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you be giving out the vaccine?
A: We still hope to, but we do not have a timetable for if or when we will be able to offer it. Please don't wait for us.

Q: Can you put me on a waiting list to get the vaccine at your office?
A: Because we cannot guarantee we will have the vaccine, we are not keeping a waiting list.

Q: I've been vaccinated! Do you need to know?
Yes, after you have received all doses! If you have a patient portal account, please fill out the COVID-19 Vaccine form on the Forms page. Or call and leave us a message with the vaccine manufacturer and the date you received each dose.

Q: I've been vaccinated! Do I still have to wear a mask when I come to your office?
A: Yes.

Q: I've been vaccinated! Can I walk in the front door now?
A: Our waiting room remains closed to walk-ins so we can control the number of people in the office at one time (you all know we have a small space). However, after checking in from your car you may be given the option of coming into the waiting room to complete paperwork or wait for your appointment.

Q: What's my blood type?
A: Blood Type is actually not a part of anyone's medical record. To find out your blood type, we suggest making an appointment to donate blood with the American Red Cross. They will check your blood type as part of that appointment.
American Red Cross-WNC Chapter